About Us

Plano Volunteer Fire Department was formed on November 2, 1979 to serve the residents in southern Warren County. Plano is one of 9 county fire departments in Warren County. We cover 32.5 square miles serving approximately 8600 residents. We provide fire, medical, and rescue services in the Plano area as well as surrounding fire districts. The department is served by 24 volunteer firefighters. We have 2 stations –one at 3210 Plano Road and the other at 7126 Woodburn Allen Springs Road. Our vehicle fleet is made up of 3 engines, 2 tankers, 1 brush truck, 1 rescue truck and 1 squad truck.


Mission Statement

The Plano Volunteer Fire Department was incorporated in November 2, 1979. The Department is an Independent, Non-Profit Organization governed by an elected Board of Directors and established to provide Fire Suppression and other related emergency services within boundaries established pursuant to applicable Kentucky Revised Statutes.


Services provided by the Plano Volunteer Fire Department include:

  1. Responses to Fires as a Primary Suppression
  2. Responses to Non-Fire related accidents involving: Structures, Vehicles, or other Equipment with or without personal injury.
  3. Responses to Medical Emergencies in a “First Responder Program” capacity to provide additional assistance to Medical Personnel (Medical Center EMS) as may be deemed appropriate and/or
  4. Responses to Emergencies which involve Chemical Hazardous Materials to function at or below “Operations Level” as established by the Kentucky Operational Safety and Health Service: 120.
  5. Responses to other jurisdictions upon request of agencies for which written Mutual Aid Agreements exist
  6. Responses requiring Search and Rescue
  7. Responses to other incidents and needs determined by a Chief Officer as being in the best interest of the community Welfare and


Responses to all Emergencies and other incidents will be based on the availability of trained Firefighters and appropriate equipment. When operating within its defined jurisdiction, the Plano Volunteer Fire Department will operate an Incident Command System until such time as the incident is concluded or the Chief Officer at the incident transfers such command responsibility to another authorized agency or its representative.